Let`s celebrate the last 8 days together!

femme fatale will be your secret forever

femme fatale will close down by the 30th of June 2017.
The new law ProstSchG will come into effect on the 1st of July 2017. According to that, women have to register as prostitutes with 2 photos and address details at the citizen centre. That is a reason to resign as main occupation for many, furthermore, mail to the private address can result in severe consequences in one’s private life.
Chanel keeps her promises. We are not selling – to protect your data. All customer data including logins and customer emails will be deleted.
The domain www.12-20.de is for sale to high class escort agencies (excluding website): Bid at SEDO
The booking system including/excluding website is for sale to all industries including the API interface. Send offers to: admin@12–20.de
As usual, Chanel can be reached under phone number +49 (0) + 1762 974 5660, even after July 1st 2017.
Chanel will gladly assist you from July 1st 2017 without commission and not as escort agency. Call for details.
Redeem your points until June 30th 2017: Enquiry.
For the final ceremony, each femme fatale came up with their own little surprise for you.
Let’s celebrate our erotic secret of 15 years! femme fatale Escort since 2002 forever remain you secret – the countdown has begun.